Profiling a JBoss app. with Eclipse TPTP

… in 10 easy steps (on Windows)

1- Download TPTP (Tests and Performance Tools Platform) from

2- Unzip it

3- Ensure the piAgent.dll library used by the profiler is in your path
(found under \tptp\tptpdc\win_ia32\bin)

4- Configure the agentController
> C:\eclipse\tptp\tptpdc\win_ia32\bin\setConfig.bat

5- Start the AgentController
> C:\eclipse\tptp\tptpdc\win_ia32\bin\acserver.exe

6- Specify the -XrunpiAgent:server=enabled JVM parameter onto the java command used to start JBoss

7- Restart JBoss

8- In Eclipse: Select menu Run->Profile from the “profiling and logging” perspective

9- Create a new profiling configuration to be attached to a Java Process: select the default host (localhost:10002), pickup the java profiling agent, apply changes

10- Click “Profile” and the profiler starts collecting statical data related to memory usage and execution times.

Go get that memory leak now :]

6 thoughts on “Profiling a JBoss app. with Eclipse TPTP

  1. Swetadri

    Hi,i am getting some problem in step-6. Can you help me. Also in step-3, i have added the location of piAgent.dll in my path. Is it fine?

    1. edgblog Post author

      what sort of problem are you encountering in step 6 ? Also please keep in my mind this post is now more than 2 years old so it’s not guaranteed to work for newer versions of TPTP/Eclipse.


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