Netbeans profiling

Netbeans 6.5 has a very useful Profiler which helps a lot in pinpointing exactly which method is the culprit when your app comes to a crawl: 


– In Netbeans pick  Menu Profile -> Profile Main Project to active the profiler (which I believe is built on top of VisualVM).


– Rerun the app and replay the actions which caused it to freeze


– at that point move on to the Netbeans “Profiler” panel and take a snapshot of the threads call tree. 


– Sorting the call tree by time descending should make any bottleneck immediatly obvious.


Example:  below is the call tree associated with a Java app I’m currently working on. 

nb profile all threads


















The refreshTicksHorizontal method (part of the JFreeChart API) seems to take a suspisciously long time to execute… 

Poking around the JFreeChart forums it became soon clear why

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