Testing mock arguments with Mockito

Mockito uses equals() to compare arguments by default, as in:

verify(myMock).handle("an argument));

This works well when comparing Strings, Integer…etc, but breaks down when the argument is an instance of a class which does not override the Object’s equals() method, such as a Throwable:

//the class to mock
class ExceptionHandler{
   void handle(Throwable t){

public class MyApp {

   private final ExceptionHandler exceptionHandler ;

   MyApp (final ExceptionHandler exceptionHandler){
      this.exceptionHandler = exceptionHandler;

   public void runLogic(int param){
         exceptionHandler.handle(new Throwable(String.format("param is %d", param)));

Two possible solutions in that case:

First method – using an argument captor

 ExceptionHandler mockExceptionHandler = mock(ExceptionHandler.class);
 ArgumentCaptor<Throwable> captor = ArgumentCaptor.forClass(Throwable.class);
 new MyApp(mockExceptionHandler).runLogic(12);
 Throwable throwable = captor.getValue();
 assertThat(throwable.getMessage(),is("param is 12"));

Second method- using a custom matcher

class ThrowableMatcher extends ArgumentMatcher<Throwable> {
   private String message;

   ThrowableMatcher (String message){
      this.message = message;

   public boolean matches(Object o) {
     return ((Throwable)o).getMessage().equals(message);

 ExceptionHandler mockExceptionHandler = mock(ExceptionHandler.class);
 new MyApp(mockExceptionHandler).runLogic(12);
 verify(mockExceptionHandler).handle(argThat(new ThrowableMatcher("param is 12")));


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